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A few personalities thrive on publicity, even when it exposes unsavory aspects of their being. Aspects that are contrary to sound logic and, in many cases, destructive to the sport of powered paragliding.

Such folks spew venomous rants against anything and anybody that disagree with their frequently erroneous pronouncements. It's sad when they robustly steer pilots and prospects towards a particular brand under the guise of being unbiased while, at the same time, having a financial interest in the equipment.

These people frequently exhibit behaviors of a Sociopath. Similarities are remarkable. This is pointed out to help understand the psychosis behind the behavior.

When confronted with clear errors in logic or fact, they may invoke religious superiority, accusing those arrayed against them as being influenced by "satan." You can see exchanges as part of public record, having been written on Yahoo Groups such as PPGList and PPGBigList within the past few years.

The individual will blame problems on others, especially "the media." Whenever someone blames so much of their woes on external factors, it's usually a smokescreen.

If you gotten to this site, consider yourself lucky. Make sure to visit www.FootFlyer.com for a more balanced approach to the sport of powered paragliding. My involvement in the sport is all about information. Sound information for paramotor pilots. The only thing I hope to sell is information.

FootFlyer articles appear in the USHPA magazine (United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association), Ultraflight, Paramotor and others.

Be discerning in what you read and who you listen to. If someone declares their way to be the only one, you're being led down a path; and in the case of a few self-absorbed individuals, it's a one way path in frequently the wrong direction.

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