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We are a balanced lot of experienced paramotor pilots and instructors. I say "we" because the wisdom here comes from our sport's most prolific and successful instructors as well as my observation of what works and what doesn't. If you want balanced truth from a broad swath of successful sources, this is a good place to start. I have nothing to sell but sound information.

My background includes two years as a professional flight instructor, time that taught me a lot about how humans behave in stressful situations. Lessons learned there apply to PPG.

Having flown nearly every paramotor and harness style out there, I can offer a fair comparison. I've done many equipment reviews on FootFlyer.com, a fact that given me broad experience across many different styles. One resounding result is how obvious it is that no one machine is it. They all have plusses and minuses. Anybody who doesn't realize that is leading you astray.

I am a student of human factors in aviation—the study of how real humans behave in response to their environment and the technology they control. Whether it's a 40 million dollar jet or a flailing paraglider, humans behave in quite predictable fashion.

My goal is not to pass on what sounds good, or what elevates an individual, but rather what actually works in the real world. For example, suggesting an "immediate" reaction to an untrained pilot can be dangerously counterproductive. Human factors is understanding that a trained response will vary drastically from an untrained one. And the advice must fit the training level. Talking of immediate response may sound good, it may sound like it should work, but such immediacy is the wrong advice in many cases. The airlines, the military and other aviation professionals know this and make their recommendations accordingly. This is the type of truth you will find here and on www.FootFlyer.com. 

After 40 years in aviation I've learned alot and now, after becoming immersed into powered paragliding want to make sure sound information is disseminated. Truthful information.

I, and many others that I respect, are paramotor pilots who are interested in seeing people become pilots as safely as possible, given their means, and enjoy the incredible experience that is paramotoring.

Jeff Goin

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