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PPGTruth, WPPGA & Dell Schanze

by Jeff Goin

Powered Paragliding is the simplest form of flight ever devised--if only the Wright Brothers could see our stuff now. Unfortunately, it has a very few extremely unethical people trying to mislead prospects about gear, organizations, and other aspects of the sport. Sadly, people do buy sometimes fall for it. Our goal is to ensure people know the straight scoop.

There is enormous misinformation out there. What some offer so convincingly can be terribly misleading and Dell Schanze has put out more factual lies than I've ever seen in 40 plus years of life. In fact, several pronouncements that I've heard from him, given with religious fervor, are simply wrong and are sometimes made-up out of whole cloth.

Be discerning, look around, ask around, and consider the wisdom of broad council.

Be especially wary of individuals with an extremely inflated self image and none is more inflated than Dell Schanze. Clearly he has problems that render his advice suspect at best and dangerous at worst

The worst aspect is complete disregard for truth, including a willingness to completely fabricate lies that support his sales efforts. Among the worst examples is a fraudulent claim that there is an organization, the WPPGA, in place to "certify" paramotors. But what you find is it lists only one paramotor that meets its requirements: the FlatTop, of course. You would think such deception would warrant the examination of consumer protection people but alas, our sport is too small.

This is just a Dell Schanze sales tool. The telephone number is Dell's sales line and it's owned by Dell. That is pure fraud and supporting this type of business is unethical and enabling. Sadly, there are people who get swept away by his rhetoric which is too bad since it allows the travesty to continue.

Like the world we live in, few aspects of paramotoring are black and white; those who see it as such have an inaccurate picture of reality. In fact, our sport is a colorful collection of options, with many choices both in equipment and methods of training.

What I offer is perspective. After over 10 years of immersion in this sport, and lots of flying including nearly every paramotor brand out there, I'll give unbiased observations and recommendations. I've visited nearly every dealer and instructor of paramotor equipment in the U.S., and reviewed most of the gear. I've flown each suspension system type enough to describe its plusses and minuses and how it should be adjusted. I've listened intently to those who have been teaching for years; observing their results and adjusting my position of what works, what's safe, and what is unsafe.

It's a colorful world out there, don't ever let yourself be drawn into seeing it through grayscale glasses. Gather an accurate picture so you don't miss out on the incredible variety offered by our precious freedom.

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